The Clock

Welcome to YcYouClock - The Clock with You in it (possibly).

Upload a photo of yourself, under 512k and you will appear in YouClock. How exciting! YouClock updates every 30 seconds with a new image time combination. The images are selected at random, so you might not see yours right away.

Also avaliable as YouClock Pure! and YouClock Basic!

(512k MAX!) ~ keeps file name, so make it unique!
  • Update Changed to 30 Seconds!
  • Horray we have 41 images!.
  • Fixed the frame error!
  • Should be psuedo localised now.
  • Image Load should be smoother too.
  • Added YouClock Pure!.
  • Added some level of caching.
  • View Current Images
  • Embed YouClock on your site!

I appologise if anyone has uploaded an unsavory image.

They will be removed as soon as I know about them.

However I can accept no responsibility for what you might see here.